The Netherlands is the perfect country for your BV company formation

When we are children, we are all asked about our dream job. Most of us will say becoming a doctor or a fireman is the most important type of work. Nevertheless, when we grow up, we desire more and more to become our own bosses. Some people are fortunate enough to be born in a country which provides great opportunities for entrepreneurs. Others, though, are not so lucky, and before opening a company, they start looking for the right place to do so. In the European Union, it is well known that the Netherlands has one of the lowest corporate tax rates in Europe. Furthermore, the country possesses great high-tech infrastructure, excellent international business climate and it is also the home of leading world banks. As if the Netherlands wasn’t perfect enough, it is also a logistical hub in Europe, many of its Dutch natives also speak English and entrepreneurs can find very qualified personnel over here. Now that you have chosen the Netherlands as the home for your new firm, you must be aware of the many procedures and the right legislation that enable your BV company formation process. It is certainly difficult to find out all the information you need, but as a starting place where to start your research, make sure to check As soon as you check the website, you will soon stop from worrying because is the right firm to contact in order to start your BV company formation.

Your BV company formation is in good hands with Intercompany Solutions

Experienced in over 500 BV company formation processes conducted primarily for non-residents, Intercompany Solutions provides you with several benefits and services:

  • Free initial consultation
  • A 24-hour response time
  • All the documents are in English and Dutch
  • Accounting and immigration services are available
  • Can help you set up your company within three working days, or even one working day based on an expedited procedure
  • You BV company formation process can be conducted without your presence

Clients are promised complete satisfaction with the services and products provided by Intercompany Solutions. The firm’s employees are dedicated, professional business law experts who work hard and try to offer full support to new entrepreneurs. The in-depth knowledge and experience of Intercompany Solutions with BV company formation cases, makes this the best firm to handle your BV company formation process. Also, it is the best business partner and advisor you could wish for on your side at the start of your new endeavors in the Netherlands.

Succeed on your own

With Intercompany Solutions you know that you will not be stressing out about the entire complicated process of making your BV company formation complete. While they manage the creation of your business, all you need to do is think about how you will achieve the great revenue you desire. However, do not forget the fact that your company will be official in no longer than three days, so do not take too much to dream with your eyes opened! Ensure that you have a team of qualified, enthusiastic and positive people ready to work for you, but most of all, make certain that you are now ready to be your own boss, manager and mentor. Success is not easily achieved, but if you got so far, you are ready to take on any challenge the world brings upon you. Even if you open your business in the Netherlands, you must never forget where you came from and how you got where you now are.